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Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that you will hear about ever more often, but maybe it is not clear to everyone what it is. In general, IOT is a new paradigm in which the virtual world of information technology and communication is integrated with the real world of things: thanks to sensors and actuators, the objects become “smart” or “intelligent” because they interconnect through the network to transmit information and data, mainly for remote monitoring. The scope of the “Internet of things” is to connect the real world to the digital world to monitor, improve and rapidly intervene on many processes, to benefit safety, efficiency, energy saving and in more general terms, the quality of life.
In the coming years the world will be “covered” by a true digital system: GPS sensors that will cross the network to provide information on geo-location, cameras and microphones will serve as eyes and ears, sensors will measure changes in temperature, pressure, vibration, consumption levels, these are just some small examples.

Some of the main objectives of IOTEXPO are summarized in the organization of data and information relating to the IOT phenomenon, in the promotion of all IOT projects, in the offer of spaces for modular visibility to all companies that operate proactively in this area, in particular SMEs (small and medium enterprises), to help them to communicate and interact with both the clients and partners, facilitating networking between companies in an area where, in the next few years, sales and distribution strategies will also change. The IOTEXPO Directory will then be joined by communication and information disclosure publishing modules, channels on social networks and various training initiatives.